As a seventeen year old, I had aspirations of being a medical missionary nun in the Belgian Congo. That did not last long . I soon put aside my medical studies and long black postulant habit and at thirty I was a single mom with five children all under the age of nine. University was put on hold.

For almost thirty years, I worked as a professional Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive counselor, Psychotherapist, Retreat Facilitator, Sivananda Yoga and Meditation teacher, a forever Student/Teacher of A Course in Miracles and practitioner of Vipassana. I was the first Canadian organizer for Humanity’s team, and media relations officer for Earth Day Canada 1990. I spent time on and off as a television host and  and even ran federally for a seat in parliament.

My working life has been very eclectic and the diversity strongly reflects who I am today.  My most fulfilling achievement is being the mother and grandmother to seven amazing children and their children.

Sandra Bradley a.k.a D’Angelo